Educating men and women in the biblical languages for effective study and application of the Bible.

Why learn the biblical languages?

  • Preserve doctrinal purity from generation to generation
  • Study the Scriptures as a “first-hander” rather than a “second-hander”
  • Grow in the ability to enjoy God’s immeasurable worth as revealed in the scriptures
  • Identify with Jewish / biblical heritage and with national Israel
  • The list goes on and on . . .

Words of Honey’s goal is that each student would

  • Independently use their knowledge of Hebrew & Greek to enrich their study of the Bible and their worship of God
  • Understand that the treasures of the Bible are available for anyone willing to dig for them.
  • Grow to know and love Yeshua deeply and obey him whole-heartedly

About our classes

Words of Honey regularly offers courses in

  • Intro to Biblical Hebrew (new this year!) for adults who have little or no background in biblical Hebrew or who did not have a strong aural foundation in earlier studies.
  • Beginning & Intermediate Biblical Hebrew for adults who want to study the Tenakh (Old Testament) in its original language, have some language background, and have reasonable reading skills in biblical Hebrew.
  • Beginning Koine Greek for adults who want to study the New Testament in its original language.

Each course runs two semesters, fall and then spring. The fall semester begins near the last week of August. The spring semester ends around the first week of June.

Each course utilizes a blend of online learning activities & assignments with once-a-week face-to-face meetings. The Hebrew courses use a textbook/workbook – based curriculum. The Greek course uses a fully online curriculum.

Classes are each limited to 15 adults, ensuring a small student – teacher ratio.

The classes are academically robust and require at least three hours of homework per week.

Cost for classes is $60 per semester plus curriculum fees.


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